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Interested in Electric Vehicles? You’ve come to the right place.

At CAA Atlantic, we support making vehicles more fuel efficient and reducing transportation emissions – especially the development of electric vehicles. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to specialize in the unique needs of electric vehicles and their owners.

Electric Vehicles

Your Electric Vehicle Experts

Learn about the benefits and whether an electric vehicle might be a good fit for you here. From the inner workings to overall costs, we have the answers. 


Nothing Beats the Thrill of Driving Electric

But don’t just take our word for it.  CAA Atlantic has partnered with NextRide to allow you to experience the feeling yourself.  Come to one of our events and take the CAA Tesla for a spin, or try one of the many EVs NextRide has on-hand. Sign up to be notified about events near you. 

Open Road

Go Anywhere

There is no need to have range uncertainty. Atlantic Canada has hundreds of charging stations, so you’re unlikely to run out of battery power. But just in case, CAA provides EV owners that extra peace of mind – we’ll tow you to the nearest charging station1, or to wherever you need to go. Our tow truck drivers are specifically trained in EVs too.

Happy Member

If you Drive Electric, It Pays to be a Member

We offer expert Roadside Assistance for electric vehicles, so you know when you need us, we’ll have you covered. Here are some more great CAA Member benefits for EVs:

Our Partners

1 Towing distance dependent on your Membership level. See here for details.