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About Our Monthly Payment Plan Options


You can now choose to have your annual membership dues paid automatically in monthly installments over a 12 month period.  Monthly Payment is available for Members on Auto Renew only.  You may sign up online for Monthly Payment via Credit Card or PAD (Pre-authorized debit through your bank account).   The cost is calculated based on your Annual membership fee spread over 12 equal payments and includes a $12 annual surcharge.  By choosing monthly payments, you authorize CAA to process your method of payment for the total amount due spread over 12 equal payments.    Your payments will be deducted on either the 1st or 16th of each month, depending on your membership expiry date.  For example, if your CAA membership is due annually on Oct 15th, your payment will be processed each month on the 16th (or the first business day thereafter).


Please note: A CAA membership is an annual membership, regardless of if it is paid for in one lump sum, or in 12 payments. If a Monthly payment is declined, we will contact you with options to pay the remaining balance for your membership year, either in one lump sum or continued monthly payments.  We kindly ask that you keep your payment information and contact details up to date at all times to avoid interruption in coverage.


Every year, at renewal time, we will send you a billing statement to remind you of this arrangement and to show changes (if any) to amounts for the upcoming year.  Your CAA membership will automatically renew unless we receive a cancellation notification from you.  Your membership can be cancelled within 30 days of joining/renewing or at the end of each membership year by you or by CAA.  You can reach us easily by phone, by email, by visiting a branch office, or by traditional mail.

Yearly Pre-Authorized Debit


Please call 1-800-561-8807 for more details about this option.