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Get term life insurance on your own terms

Find peace of mind with life insurance coverage that protects your loved ones through every stage of life.

CAA Member Perks:

● Exclusive member pricing: Save 10% off your rates!

● Couples save 10% off the first year

● $10,000 in complimentary Child Coverage for each of your children

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What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that provides coverage for a set period of time, usually 10 to 30 years. Term life insurance provides financial protection for your loved ones for a temporary period, known as the “term,” when you might have increased financial responsibilities.

Term life insurance can help put your mind at ease knowing that if you were to pass away, your family and loved ones are financially protected.

Get term life insurance on your own terms

CAA Term Life Insurance, provided by Securian Canada, offers flexible and affordable coverage to meet you and your family’s needs. Here’s how you can get term life insurance coverage in three easy steps.

Not sure what coverage you need? Our expert team of advisors are available from 8:30AM-8PM EST Monday to Friday. 

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What are the benefits of CAA Term Life insurance?

Coverage when you need it: Get financial protection for the years you need it most.

Affordable rates: Protect the people you love without breaking the bank. Plus, enjoy CAA Member Preferred Pricing.

Flexibility: Choose a coverage amount and term length that fits your needs - nothing more.

Simple and modern process: Complete your application in as little as 20 minutes and activate your plan online - all from the comfort of your home.

Expert advisor support when you need it: A team of trusted, non-commissioned advisors are here to help you along the way.

Why should you choose CAA Term Life insurance?

CAA Term Life insurance helps you take on life with confidence:

  • Choose between $100K to $5M in term life insurance coverage
  • Select a coverage length between 10 to 30 years
  • CAA members save 10% on insurance rates
  • Couples save an additional 10% the first year
  • $10,000 in complimentary Child Coverage for each of your children
  • Free cancellation anytime, with no fees or penalties
  • 30-day grace period for missed payments
  • Backed by renowned industry partner, Securian Canada, for greater peace of mind
  • 100% of any payout is given to your beneficiaries tax-free
  • Rates are locked in for the full term
  • Apply for term life insurance and critical illness insurance in one application
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When should you get term life insurance?

You’re expecting or you already have young kids

As a new or expecting parent, life insurance can protect your growing family’s financial future. Term life insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones can be provided for with the necessary financial resources in the event the unexpected happens. If you pass away while your policy is active, life insurance can offer a tax-free lump sum payment to your beneficiaries. This can be used to replace your income and cover other life expenses, such as household bills, childcare, and tuition costs.

You’re retired or plan to retire soon, but don’t have enough savings

If you’re a retiree or soon-to-be-retired, life insurance can serve as a financial safety net for your partner, children, or anyone else who depends on you financially. When you pass away, a term life insurance payout can be used to cover expenses, such as funeral costs, or help pay off debts. It can also help cover living expenses or be left as an inheritance for your beneficiaries.

You have a partner and you rely on each other’s incomes

Partners and spouses who are dependent on each other’s incomes can face financial challenges when one spouse passes away. Life insurance can help bridge this income gap by providing financial security that helps the surviving spouses maintain their lifestyle, including paying for living expenses and paying off debts.

You own a home

Term life insurance can provide a lump-sum payment that can help your family pay off the mortgage and other living expenses so that they can continue living in the home even if you are no longer there to contribute financially.

You own a business

Life insurance doesn’t just protect your family and loved ones; term life insurance can also safeguard your business. In the event of your death, life insurance payouts can be used to support business partners and employees, or even pay off business loans.

You have outstanding debts

When you pass away, outstanding joint debts such as a mortgage or line of credit can impact your loved ones, while other debts such as a personal car loan or student loan can affect the amount of your estate. Term life insurance can help cover these debts, so your loved ones aren’t left with a financial burden and you can leave more to your family through your estate.

You have financial dependents

Term life insurance helps you protect loved ones and anyone who might depend on you for financial support, such as elderly parents or disabled family members. A lump-sum payout can help ensure that their needs are met, even if you’re no longer around.

Not sure how much coverage you really need? A team of licensed, non-commissioned advisors can help you determine your ideal coverage.

What are other Canadians getting?

Most Canadian life insurance policies are individual term policies (40%).

22 million Canadians with life insurance coverage

$554,000 Average coverage amount


*Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association, 2023

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