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Pet Insurance

Protecting Your Pet From the Unexpected

Studies show you're twice as likely to claim on a pet insurance policy than on home or auto insurance.

Whether it’s a brand new puppy or kitten, or a loyal companion who's stood by your side for years, our pets are a part of the family and we want to treat them that way, ensuring they are healthy and happy.

Ensure Your Whole Family Has The Coverage They Need

CAA offers Pet Health Insurance so that you can provide the best veterinary care for your dog or cat without breaking your budget. Simple, Fair Coverage – our coverage is straightforward, simple to understand, and fair. Even genetic conditions are covered as long as they didn't begin prior to your coverage taking effect.

For more information or to get your free quote today call 1-866-757-2922 or click below:

click here to get more info and apply online for c.a.a. pet health insurance

You must select pre-authorized payment from a bank account, Visa or MasterCard. You have the option to have claims reimbursements provided via cheque or direct deposit into a bank account. Offer available to residents of British Columbia, Ontario and Atlantic Canada only.

CAA Pet Insurance is underwritten by Petline Insurance Company.