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During the pandemic, our expert Travel Advisors underwent special training to understand the intricacies of travelling in a world impacted by a pandemic.

According to CAA polling, over three quarters (76%) of Canadians said that health and safety was their top concern in their decision to travel because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Travel SMART program is an educational program, which responds to these concerns by equipping CAA Travel Advisors with best practices regarding safe travel.

Members and travellers alike come to CAA for reliable information. This is an additional layer to demonstrate that CAA continues to offer first-rate knowledgeable service. 

As you look forward to future vacations, know we’ve always got your back.

About the Program

The Travel SMART program was launched in November 2020, and the CAA Atlantic travel team completed the program in June 2021. The program modules are updated frequently to reflect any changes to service that government and/or travel partners may make. We’re ready.

*CAA Atlantic can only match an offer of another IATA-approved agency. Must have a print or email of the other agency’s price. Make sure you’re comparing CAA Atlantic’s bottom line including all promos: new Member coupon, CAA Dollars, etc. CAA Atlantic will not price match another agency’s promotion if we have a similar promotion at the same time. 

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